Thursday, December 20, 2012

Herman Cain: The New York Times Is a Racist Newspaper

The former Presidential candidate pulls no punches over an op-ed from University of Pennsylvania professor Adolph Reed Jr.
So it’s worth asking, then: What, exactly, are “black interests”? To hear Professor Reed tell it, blacks are a monolithic group of people whose best interests are served when they can be recipients of redistributionist policies at the hands of big government. Let me simplify that for you: He thinks black people need welfare, and can’t make it under the kinds of free-market policies advocated by the likes of Samuel Pierce, Clarence Pendleton, Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott.

And Herman Cain.


Any newspaper that would publish a piece denigrating blacks as needing the benevolence of big government in order to serve their interests is obviously racist and deserves widespread censure for making such an insensitive and racially biased editorial decision.

It’s a shame the New York Times is such a racist newspaper.
Very strong words.

UPDATE: From Greg Gutfeld,

"To say this is racist is pointless, right now we’re just deciding how racist it is."

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