Monday, September 13, 2010

BlogCon 2010

Had a wonderful and enlightening time at BlogCon 2010 by FreedomWorks. I met a bunch of great people. Thanks to Tabitha Hale (UPDATE: her roundup is here) and Sarah Desprat and everyone else with FreedomWorks for making it happen. Guess I'll have to work on this blogging thing a little bit more.

There were presentations, panels, a debate between left and right, hanging out, socializing and, of course, the Kruiser Kabana.

The Great, The Wonderful, The Awesome Tabitha Hale

The debate panel: On the left Adam Green and Alan Rosenblatt, moderator Dave Weigel, on the right Jim Geraghty and Erick Erickson.

BlogCon attendees at the debate. This was before the last group arrived.

Stacy McCain dived into the minutiae of Net Neutrality at the debate.

Jim Geraghty after the debate.

Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe signed copies of their book, Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto, at the FreedomWorks office.

At the FreedomWorks office, several of the BlogCon attendees prepared signs.

Giving Newt a few pointers after the screening of America at Risk.

Walid Phares after the screening of America at Risk.

Nice Deb and Iowahawk's hand. I had to crop the picture because, for some reason, in the original photo his head appeared as a 1932 Ford Sedan.

Ace, John Sexton, Ex Jon and Michael Bates. In the background at the bar, the Argentinian Socialist, who's not a blogger by the way.

Dan Riehl (or was it a young Jack Palance, Jeff?) and I.

Duane Lester seemed even more impressed by the sense of humor of Jeff Schreiber (VIP) than the rest of us.

More from the Kruiser Kabana.

Chow time at the Kruiser Kabana.

Yes, I need to get better photo software so I can remove the red eye.

In addition to those in these pictures and not, there were many, many other people I had the pleasure to speak with, among them Skye of Midnight Blue Says, Ari Armstrong of Free Colorado, Chad Everson of Grizzly Groudswell, Chris Renner, Lorie Byrd, Kerry Pickett, John Hawkins, Javier Manjerres (El Sharko from the Shark Tank in Florida), Bryan Myrick, Cynthia Yockey of A Conservative Lesbian, Warner Todd Huston of nearly every site on the Internet, Jeff Quinton, Dan Spencer of California Yankee, Shane Vander Hart of Caffeinated Thoughts, April Gregory of Hoosier Access, John at Infidels Are Cool, Alexa of Alexa Shrugged and many others as well. If there's anyone I've left off, and I know there is, please accept my apologies or smack me on the side of the head to remind me.

Other roundups of the events can be found All American Blogger, Riehl World View, DaTechGuy blog, Stacy McCain (twice), BatesLine, Nice Deb, Free Colorado has a couple, Grizzly Groundswell, Right Wing News, Caffeinated Thoughts...


Publius said...

I sure had a good time, Michael. Great to meet you.

Duane said...

Thanks for the link, brother. And thanks for posting that picture of me. Not at all looking like one of those fancy lads.


Dan said...

Was there any talk about the LVRJ and their lawsuits?

Mike C. said...

It was great hanging out with everyone. I figured you'd like that pic, Duane. ;)

Dan, I heard a little bit of talk about the RJ/Righthaven suits but not a lot.

Grizzly Groundswell said...

Great photos and run down of the great #blogcon event! Nice talking with you!

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